About me

the artist Dobrova Anna

In the painting I work in the style of realism, manage the classical academic realism technique, which was established during the combination of the classical school of European painting and by the heritage of the style of the Soviet realism, characteristic feature of which is liveliness and sunshine of coloring and at the same time the power of figure. For improving my professional level I make copy from the originals of the work of such well-known masters as Krichevskiy, Orlovskii, Bojov and Melikhov, at copies I work in the national museum of the Ukraine.
2009 - graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, majoring artist painter - qualification "Bachelor of Fine Arts".
2010 - graduated from Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture - to the qualification of "Master of Fine Arts".

2010 - instructor of painting and drawing at the Kiev National University of Engineering and Architecture. 

  Freely I work in the painting both in the technology oil and in the technology of water color. I also manage graphic technicians, in particular of etching, engraving . I carry out graphic works in the different materials (pencil, coal, sepia, sangina, sauce). I make exclusive stained-glass panels and painting of clothing. 

  My works are found in the particular collections of the Ukraine, Russia ,Great Britain, Arab emirates. I am opened for the creative collaboration.

But the main thing in my creation this the fact that I want to bear happiness to people, I want so that you after looking at my works they would smile and happiness it would remain in your heart so that the warm and sunny days of your life it would be as much as possible, therefore in essence my works they were filled with sunlight and optimism. Smile and peace will smile to you!

Participation in the exhibitions:

2007,2008 exhibition V. Shatalina. (Ukraine, Kiev)
2007,2008 exhibition V. Zaretskogo. (Ukraine, Kiev)
2007,2008 exhibition Puzirkova. (Ukraine, Kiev)
2009  exhibition in Fulbright's center (Ukraine, Kiev)

2009 Collective Exhibition (Museum of Chernigov)
2009 Exhibition of them.
F. Krichevsky (Central House of Artists, Kiev)
2009 - International Exhibition of Contemporary Art "UKRAINIAN ART WEEK" (Ukrainian Art Week) (Kiev, Ukraine, Central House of Artists)
2010 - participated in 71 scientific-practical conference KNUBA on "Art and compositional principles of the modern interior painting"
2010 - exhibition of the best works on the qualification of "Master" KNUBA (Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture) - practical and theoretical work 
2010 - Exhibition and Competition graduates of diploma projects of architectural and artistic specialties of higher educational institutions of Ukraine, awarded the diploma of the first master's degree with honors for the thesis "Compositional features  Painting
2011 - The exhibition "Women's image," the eighth of March in Hall KNUBA
2011 - The charity exhibition in the "Chocolate house" on the street Shelkovichnaja the money will be spent on the restoration of "Chocolate House" (Kiev)

2011 - exhibition in gallery "Wunjo-Art" (Kiev)

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